Newark Arts Education Roundtable


In 2009, the arts education community of Newark, along with the Newark Arts Council, Victoria, Prudential and Dodge Foundations began meeting in earnest to identify ways to impact the declining access Newark children had to arts education.

The Newark Arts Education Roundtable (NAER) is a cross sector collaborative whose mission is to ensure that all Newark children in grades PreK-12 have equitable access to high quality, sequential arts education opportunities, both in and out of school.

We accomplish this through advocacy ensuring that the value of arts education is acknowledged and funded; capacity building across all sectors; and building and supporting highly engaged cross sector partnerships.

Read our Strategic Plan

Developed August 2017-June 2018

Read our By-Laws

dated 10/2015
NAER does all its works based on the following values:

  • Equity
  • Quality
  • Local community linkages
  • A strong community of practice where partners are informed, engaged and actively working together to meet the collaborative, organizational and individual goals


We believe…

  • The unique processes of experiencing and creating in the arts are essential to:
    • Our humanity and to developing our communities, as the arts stimulate expression and help us better understand ourselves and others;
    • A complete education, as the arts have the potential to engage all kinds of learners and to stimulate self-discipline and the rigorous pursuit of mastery;
    • The arts and creativity are essential to the development of a thriving and sustainable 21st-century workforce;
    • All children should have equitable access to high quality, sequential arts education opportunities that support achievement of state and national standards, both in and out of school.


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