Newark Arts Education Roundtable

Who are our partners?

Arts education stakeholders, including:

  • district, charter and private schools;
  • artists, arts and cultural organizations;
  • youth and community development entities;
  • businesses;
  • funders;
  • and state and local agencies

Why Partnership?

BENEFITS: You and/or your organization will receive:

Funding Opportunities

  • Opportunities to be considered to receive funding from NBOE in SummerPlus programming, through 21st century grants and the Victoria Schools Grants Fund
  • Exclusive partner grant postings through the AEN website.

Networking, Access, Trainings:

  • Shared network/publicity to showcase your work and successes
  • Listing in the AEN program directory, which is shared with all NBOE arts education staff and AEN partners annually
  • Representation with AEN Arts Education Agenda at other collective tables
  • Access to capacity building for you and your staff incl. evaluation how-tos, analysis, marketing, etc.
  • Access to trauma-informed care trainings for you and your staff


  • Liasing for community events, to share your organization’s work to more parts of the city and community
  • Opportunities within the Newark arts education community including: access to relationship-building, learning and community-building
  • Opportunity to grow the arts ed community in Newark


YOUR COMMITMENT: You and/or your organization will contribute: 

Time Commitment & Required Participation:

  • At least 12 hours of partnership representation annual (which includes all 4 annual partner meetings – 2hrs each). *Calendar attached.
  • Committee Work: Consistently participate in the work of (at least) one committee
  • Community events representing AEN

Shared Communication/s: At least one “Share out” via any/all of these methods:

  • Monthly eblast
  • June end of year partner meeting reflection/celebration
  • Blog post on AEN website

Data sharing:

  • Commit to sharing data via Dodge’s Arts Ed Data Dashboard, a statewide data collection system
  • Commit to using the AEN survey tools to evaluate your programs
  • Share your own data and impact stories to show how arts education in Newark transforms lives


  • Volunteer at at least one AEN/community event or partner meeting
  • Host a meeting or event if possible

    Partnership Details

    • Annual partnership runs from July 1 through June 30 with quarterly partner meetings.
    • Organizational partnership includes up to 3 staff members per organization/school.
    • Additional staff may be added at the Individual rate ($50).
    • Each organization is allotted one vote in all  elections, regardless of the number of staff.
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